Jackpot Games

The by far the most common player attraction on the casino floor, except for the slot machine itself.

eLink connects any and all machines on the floor giving the player additional dynamic games that will keep player excitement on top forever.

The huge amount of jackpot features will guarantee everlasting excitement and keep the payers on the floor.


Player attraction

Mystery jackpot games are proven to attract new players and will always increase casino revenue.

Awards for every player

Jackpot games for all different kinds of players. Some prefer to win small but frequent, other go for the occasional but larger prizes. The players themselves can determine which jackpot level is most attractive for them.

Added floor excitement

The constant jackpot audio/video buzz enriches the overall gaming atmosphere.


Multiple Mystery and Fixed Amount (Daily) Jackpot Games

Both number triggered and time triggered jackpots are available and may be run in infinite number of instances.

Multiple jackpot levels

Up to 6 levels per mystery game may be configured, all with separate play parameters.

Separate hidden jackpot per level

The generated "hidden" jackpot amount is activated after a jackpot hit preventing the reseted value to remain above zero

Fixed (Daily)Jackpot

Calendar and interval based daily jackpot configurations possible with no time and award limitations.

Multiple display type support

Jackpot content is available on over-head video screens but also on designated player tracking displays mounted inside machines.


Include any slot machine in any jackpot game and create several separate jackpot areas on the floor

Min/max bet per level

Set the bet amount window for individual jackpot levels to reduce unmatched bet and reward. Prevent heavy playein from "ripping" the smaller and more frequent wins that are primarily meant for lighter players, and vice versa.

Member game

Activate filters to allow only registered players to win.

Multiple payout modes

The jackpot win amount may be sent directly to the slot machine’s credit meter, to player’s cashless account or it may be collected at the cash desk.

Dynamic metering

Automatic change of meter and frame background colors to roughly match the proximity of the jackpot hit point

Custom animations and jingles

Custom background animations and attraction/hit audio jingles may be easily loaded.

Advanced Audio Control

Load different jackpot sounds for every jackpot game/level in order to deliver a more distinguished message.