Cage Handling

As a natural complement to accounting and cashless operation, the SmartCage cash desk module will simplify and increase the cashier’s performance when it is most needed.

Intense and stressful work in the cage will be a thing of the past.


Smooth Cage Operation

Procedures in the cage are performed with full control and with increased speed.

Full Transaction Tracking

All transactions are recorded in detail and reports include rollback events.

Accurate Money Handling

No more head calculations. All balances will match from shift start to finish and the till balance is available at any time.


Ergonomic Design

The application is designed for touch screen which will speed up all cage processes and reduce players time spent at the cash desk.

Full Identity Control

Upon presenting the card by the player, all relevant personal data is present on-screen including photo, all accounts and any registered restrictions.

Cash To Card

Very simple and user-friendly guided procedure to load the card with credits. It will take less than ten seconds to complete any transaction.

Cash & Points from Card

Secure payouts with guided procedures preventing accidental money mishandling.

Promotional Credits

The player palyable-only account is visible and may be loaded but payouts are not possible.

Remote Slot Handpay Handling

If not cashless or TITO handling is active then pressing the slot cash-out button will create a pending payout request at the cage which may be validated at any time. All payouts recorded with total precision and security.

Slip Handling

Simple and guided procedures for slip entries such as (offline hand pays, short pays but also hopper refills etc. Custom slip items may be created from the setup menu for specific payins and payouts.

Currency Converter

Exchange any foreign currency automatically with optional fixed or proportional commission rate. Exchange summaries included in cage balance reports.

Soft Count

A complete soft count section is available for perfect stacker dumps. A guided process using the touch screen will speed up the count and automaically recognize discrepancies between predicted and counted values.

Complete Reporting

All cage reports are available in summary and detailed form. Cage/machine handpay reconciliation and daily summary reports also available. Shift change handover reports as well as cage open/close reports included.