The Reception

The first impression for new player entering the casino is the efficiency of the reception desk. It will reveal how the player will be treated on the floor as well.

The registration process must be quick, easy and smooth. It must further be able to attract the new player with promotions that will instantly create the desire to step onto the floor.

SmartReg will do this.


Player Identity Control

Players will be instantly visually identified at the reception upon tapping the member card as their picture will appear on screen. Prevent unwanted or banned players from re-entering the floor.

Presence Tracking

The presence of any player may be checked in real time and analysis reports are available for both players and groups.

Visit Statistics

Player or group visit habits will in time reveal recurrence patterns.


Smooth Registration

The registration process is user friendly and leads the operator in several quick steps to handing the member card to the player.

Quick Registration Option

In busy situations a quick registration may be done with minimal information entered and completed later in order to relieve any queuing at the reception desk.

Check in/Checkout

Entry registration may be performed by the reception operator or by the players themselves. This option may be set as obligatory or not.

Barred Players

A player that is previously tagged as not welcome will automatically create an alert at the reception or at the cash desk.

Management Messaging

Management can leave messages in relation to specific players on entry or exit giving instructions to the registration desk if needed.

Promotional Activity

Points, promotional credits and/or raffle tickets may be issued to players upon registration or check in, subject to campaign definitions.