This is who we are

Future Gaming Europe was established in 2000 and entered the casino market with a sinple linked accounting system and a just as simple jackpot system. After five years of modest business development it was obvious that comprehensive systems were needed on the market and the eFLOOR project was born. But it was not until 2007 that it saw the day of light and the succes was huge. Future Gaming continues to develop and sell during the infamous reccession years, manages to overcome all obstacles and stay present on the market to this day.

The Company is owned in equal shares by Development Director Sreten Čiča and CEO Dejan Tomić. We have 15 employees and are located in Belgrade, Serbia and have had a 25% average annual growth rate for the last five years. We are constantly expanding all sectors, from development and production to marketing and commercial.

All hardware and software solutions are of our own design but most of the production is outsourced. eFLOOR is now on level three and is the result of innovaitve solutions and endless customer feedback implementation. It has provided many operators with means to increase player loyalty and  gaming revenue but the numbers speak for themselves:

Countries 8 Operators 25+ Casinos 145+ Slots         8,000+