Player Tracking

The key factor of your operation are your players. Mostly they are left on their own at the slot machine and the only contact made is occasionally with the cashier.

Players require individual attention to feel welcome in the casino but, as players are not alike when it comes to spending, it is logical that strong play deserve awarding and weaker play extra inscentives.

But how do you know how a player is performing?

With eTracking you will be able to:

  • Offer your players membership so that they can earn points and redeem valuable gifts or money.
  • Track each player’s behaviour on every machine separately.
  • Automatically capture all relevant player session data.
  • Issue vouchers and raffle tickets by criteria of play volume, level, slot, time of day, etc.
  • Recognize your high rollers instantly – even before they are enrolled.
  • Get ranking information to reward your top players


Personal approach

Players are identified at the slot machine, addressed personally by the attendants and offered beverage and other products based on their preferences. This will give players a more intimate relation with the casino staff and will make them feel more welcome.

Playing excitement

Frequent mystery and daily jackpot hits, multiple player levels and timed raffle drawings as well as promotions and campaigns create a dynamic floor environment where excitement is instantly visible upon arrival.

Player motivation

All menttined incentives will keep players from leaving the floor and will have them prefer your casino.


NFC (RFID) Cards

System uses secure and reliable contactless cards for player recognition. These cards never fail and withstand very rough handling. Returned cards are fully reusable minimizing waste cost. Players will not need multiple cards if playing at more machines simultaneously.

Player details

All player information including the picture is located at one place, data may be sorted by visits, game data, cash transactions and much more to reveal player or group preferences.

Player loyalty points

Players are automatically awarded bonus points based on their play volume. Points may be redeemed into cash, promo credits or various prizes/gifts.

Multiple player levels

Player (loyalty) levels include separate points factor, point threshold levels, jackpot level assignment etc. Player level may be automatically changed based on play volume in time. All parameters are settable by the operator of course.

Player grouping

Players may be grouped by many parameters, from personal to geographical. Grouping players allows comparison and ranking by parameters within the group or comparison of group totals and averages. Create custom groups for junket leader commission calculations.

Player activity tracking

Full player results covering game activity, fund transactions and presence statistics instantly available from the time a player has entered the casino and until they have left. The system captures their playing habits in relation to machine type, game, time spent, bet level etc.

Promotional campaigns

A special section in our system handles promo campaighns. The wizzard lets you create the campaign into great detail with many filters and triggers and also live notifications and messaging.

Bill validator lock

The bill validator may be optionally disabled before the player has registered on the machine.

WAN support

Players can move credits between all linked locations with the card.