Simple and Spot On

You will need only eFLOOR to integrate players, slot machines, cash flow, marketing, business analysis and strategic planning into a single management engine. eFLOOR will allow you to combine and interchange data from different departments within your business structure and reveal patterns otherwise hard to see.

Your Advantage

Data from player activity on the floor are instantly collected and accessible for review, calculation, and performance analysis. This will enable you to better understand your players and create the environment that will motivate them to return to your casino.


The eFLOOR reporting and analysis tools will make your business decisions quicker and more accurate. This will result in both operational cost savings and increased turnover.

System Modularity

The system is fully modular and will cover virtually all your requests. The modules and functions at your disposal are Accounting – Player Tracking & Reception – Player Bonusing – Cashless – TITO – Cage – Jackpot Games – Raffle Games – Marketing – Campaigns – Reporting and Analysis.

Unlimited Growth

Regardless of the size of your operation - from small slot clubs to large multi-site casinos eFLOOR will perform seamlessly. Multi-site systems will share player-, slot and audit data which will all be available via secure web connections on a central server. Multi-site operational analysis is available, and the various report wizards will take care of all your reporting requests – from operational to top-level management.

Personal Approach

Knowing your player’s habits and preferences sets your relationship with them on a personal level. Award them with gifts, favourite food, beverage and promotions tailored to their own profile. eFLOOR makes you stay ahead of your competition by offering much more to the player than just the gaming machine.

Comfort And Satisfaction

Slot cash transfers are handled without attendants and your floor staff can focus on promotions instead. Moving between machines will be direct and immediate, and without  waiting in queues in front of the cashier's desk. Players will enjoy mystery and daily jackpot games, be rewarded with points, included in raffle drawings, awarded with promotional credits, automatic vouchers and more...

All About Loyalty

Using our enhanced marketing and advertising modules will result in increasing visiting numbers and a diverse system campaign strategy will ensure your players will return.

Security First

All transactions/events are encrypted throughout the system in the local network and across the internet.  All fund transactions are user, point and time stamped revealing any fraud attempt. On the operations side discrepancy reports are available showing any differences between slot results and cash handling.


All system procedures make logical sense and are pleasant to work with for long and intense periods. The reception and cage modules’ Graphical User Interfaces are intuitive and adapted for touch screen use. Your floor staff will be more relaxed and pleasant to the players.